My name is Kathy Endres.

Photography is a passion of mine. I’m like a kid in a candy store when it comes to capturing photos on travel adventures, especially at national parks. What I enjoy even more, though, is teaching photo composition, especially to youth. I’ve taught at the YMCA, local summer camps, and to Girl Scouts. I’ve been amazed at the photos kids have taken. They are creative and quick learners. Seeing them take pride in their photos and growing in their photography skills has been a pleasure.

Why I Created this Website and Blog

I created this website and blog to pass along what I’ve learned about photo composition over the years. The source of my photography knowledge comes from attending photography conferences and presentations at a local photography club, participating in photo critiques, eagerly listening to tutorials and tips from fellow photographers,¬†reading photography books and articles,¬†and most importantly by grabbing my camera and trying things whenever I get the chance.