Become inspired to compose better photos (click to view)


I love playing tennis and I am always inspired after watching the pros battle it out in the finals of Grand Slam tournaments. I also draw inspiration from watching Olympic athletes compete, especially after hearing stories of how they faced challenges, but persisted. Watching those in the Performing Arts who sing, dance, act or play an instrument with such passion and so effortlessly also inspires me.

When it comes to photography, I find it inspiring to view other’s photos. I especially like viewing photos that

  • Capture a common subject matter in a unique way
  • Create a mood or trigger an emotion
  • Make me feel like I was there at the scene
  • Beautifully capture lines, shapes, patterns, color, tones and/or texture
  • Capture light in a striking way

I hope you can find a local photography exhibit to inspire you to raise your bar. You might also find yourself walking away with ideas of things you want to capture.

If you live in the Raleigh-Durham area, here is a local photography exhibit you can attend. It includes 60 images.

10th Annual CPA Juried Show

When:     on display until December 15th
Where:   hallway of Cary Senior Center, located near Bond Park (map and hours)