The photos that got away! Be at the right place at the right time WITH your camera (click to view)


Fish aren’t the only things that get away. I find myself telling tales of the photos that got away.

For example, take the time I went walking the dog with my sister at a local community park one July morning and encountered a barred owl about 30 feet off the trail. I took a photo with my iPhone 5c camera, but I couldn’t get a closeup of the owl (to capture it in detail) like I wanted. The only saving grace was that I could cross off seeing an owl from my bucket list. I took advantage of the owl’s stillness too by staring at it in amazement for about 5 minutes. It was super cool to see it turn its head more than 90°.

Did I learn my lesson when I went to the same community park to walk the dog in early October? No! I left my Nikon D60 with 18-200mm lens at home. And wouldn’t you know, as I was finishing the walk with my sister, I saw a blue heron standing on a log in the pond with an orange coy fish in its mouth. The fish was …



Don’t get caught like I did being in the right place at the right time without your camera!